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CJs Ranch Drill Teams

Established ten years ago as a 4-H drill team for the Barnstable County Fair, the Barnstable Barn Burners has evolved into a show-stopping precision equestrian drill team – combining lightning-quick speed, rigorous execution, eye-catching costumes, and unbridled enthusiasm.

Under the stewardship of Cathy Hill, owner and manager of CJs Ranch, the Barnstable Barn Burners embody the concepts of patriotism, commitment, teamwork, and abiding love and respect for their animals. At the heart of Cathy's mission is her belief that participation in the Barnstable Barn Burners experience fosters the development of core values and life skills essential to the creation of healthy and productive adults.

The team is comprised of a nucleus of 12 to 18 riders – primarily teens and young adults – although ages in the group range from 14 to 60-plus. As members go off to college or launch careers, their spots are filled by young riders from Cathy's junior Fire Crackers drill team, keeping the Barnstable Barn Burner tradition vital and alive.

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